You haven't taught until they have learned                    Keep your emotions under control at all times if you expect your team to maintain emotional control                    Others too have brains                    Be eager not just willing to sacrifice personal glory for the good of the team                    It is much more productive to get others to think than tell them what to think                    God opposes the proud but gives grace and exults the humble                    Everyone is a teacher to someone                   

John R. Wooden Course ©


The John R. Wooden Course is a professional success development process and methodology designed for individuals, teams, corporations and schools. The course content is based on the values, principles, life lessons and wisdom of legendary UCLA basketball coach, teacher, author and philosopher, John Robert Wooden.

The foundational elements of The John R. Wooden Course are (15) core, ethical, exemplary, personal development qualities and (10) character building behaviors defined on Coach Wooden's renowned Pyramid of Success.

The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Success Series includes four core modules:

Course 1

Foundations and Fundamentals

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Course 2

Pyramid of Success

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Course 3

Head Coach

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Course 4

Extraordinary Teams

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Complete Set

Coaching Success Series

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The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Success Series can be experienced in three ways:

  • Self Study Course
  • Team Camp Experience
  • Coaching Success Workshop

These unique experiences are supported and sustained with powerful tools:

  • Team Success Assessment
  • Individual Success Assessment
  • Wooden's Wisdom - a five year e-coaching cirricula

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These learning experiences and tools create a development path for leaders, coaches, teachers, teams and individuals leading to strong character, robust team culture, higher performance, and true success.

We describe this path as The Wooden Way, The Way of a Great Coach:

John R. Wooden Course 2017 Certification Class

Meet the 2017 class of certified coaches, trainers and teachers for the John R. Wooden Course.

Glenn Collins - Business owner - senior executive coach - Rochester Grizzlies Hockey - Fairport New York.

Mark Hecht - Business owner, Coaching Horizons - Sr. Executive leadership coach - international performance improvement consultant and trainer - Jonesborough Tennessee

Kelly Collins - Teacher - coach girl's ice and field hockey - accomplished athlete and family business manager - Fairport New York.

Larry Lewis - Vice President Barclay College - Basketball coach - athletic director - mentor and teacher - Haviland Kansas

Farlur Hardarson - H.R executive for retail grocery company - basketball coach - division 1 basketball starter - Finland professional league and member Iceland national basketball team - Keflavik Iceland

John T. Scully - Real Estate investment counseling and wealth management advisor - football and lacrosse coach - leadership speaker and consultant - Vienna Virginia.

These six highly qualified, and vastly competent professionals gathered in Temecula, California, June 12-16 to complete the John R. Wooden Certified Coaching Course.

Five full days of intensive curriculum study, individual presentations, discussions, Q& A, team exercises and testing provided a personal, in-depth journey into the life lessons, principles, values , and coaching wisdom of John Wooden.

Four Coaching Success modules, supported with inspiring and powerful Coach Wooden video footage, provided the content that was taught. These modules included:

Classroom workshops and a full day Team Camp utilizing the basketball floor, led by Wooden Course founder Lynn Guerin and Wooden family member and coach Craig Impelman brought the lessons to life with fun, high energy and an infectious team spirit. Participants came to learn how to coach and build strong teams and in the process became one.

Daily debriefs, reviews , evaluation and recommendations were an important part of each day. Here is what participants had to say:

JRWC Certification Course

Evaluation Summary (23 evaluations)

Day 1

This course gives me a new outlook on everything I do. It gives me a spark for teaching and coaching.
This is so badly needed today. Small group is nice for personalized help.
Still looking for the best place to use this great content
The content, materials and presentation is superb.

Additional comments and recommendations:

I really liked the Foundations and Fundamentals, it provided in depth knowledge of Wooden's thoughts, and the background for his Pyramid of Success.
After Day 1 ,really looking forward to what's ahead.
As week continues I would like to know more about logistics of setting up workshops and ordering materials. Do we take material as is or can we customize?
So far so good, Small groups are more personalized. I like that.
I hope we get more time to present different topics. Everything is great.

Day 2

Went well-,need some advice on how to implement these things –like Kelly's hands on things she is doing with her girls' team.
The content, materials and presentations are superb.
Spread the word on good habits and positive thinking.

Additional comments and recommendations:

These are Very good materials and presentations on The Pyramid of Success.
I am enjoying presenting the content and hearing other presentations. Thank You!
I am really enjoying the content and am very excited to use it.
I am always looking for the best ways to present this material, questions to ask, games to play, making up poems-very creative

Day 3-Team Camp

Great team camp-The Pyramid of Success module is terrific.
Camp is a good idea-maybe a better way to tie activity into camp overview. More discussion neede of overall camp plans and how Wooden Course ties in.
This was very inspiring.
Today brought a wealth of motivation

Additional comments and recommendations:

There was a great balance between court and classroom. I really enjoy the presentations from team members.
The more interactive the lessons are the better. Thank You!
I really enjoyed being on the court.
At times the stories took too much time.
There is a good unity among the people attending The Wooden Course.
The Team Camp was very interesting. The details in the practices were great. It was fun to get to practice under John Wooden.

Day 4

The Head Coach Module is out of this world.
Today was very interactive and teachable.
The best course content was today –Head Coach-day 4
Continue the presentation opportunity-it works
When you think that this can't better, Lynn Guerin and Coach Impelman pull this out of the hat. Day 4 was great.

Day 5

This experience was a great personal journey.
Good way to bring teams together and set a tone for the way the way teachers and coaches could and should run their teams. This course gives great direction.
Thorough, well organized material, superb personable presentations.
Extraordinary Teams module is a great stand-alone module with in-depth knowledge of The Pyramid of Success with great detail and emphasis on team work and team development.
Base is there for awesome opportunity. Need to put together a plan to get it out to my market. I am looking forward to the challenge.

Additional comments and recommendations:

Please be sure to send Craig's Pyramid questionnaire with quotes. They will be very useful. Great Job! You made a huge effort and put in a lot of work that is greatly appreciated.
You gave us so much great material. I am really looking forward to using it. The amount of content and tools you gave us is very much appreciated.
All 4 modules are excellent as standalone modules and courses. I need to determine my audience and match the appropriate content and course. You shared with us a brilliant combination of written and visual material, great mix of presentations, exercises and personal insights from your John Wooden experience.
This experience was so personal and should be that way by keeping a maximum number for the class at 15-20. The stories make the event very special and memorable. Making presentations and hearing others was very helpful. I am enjoying the personal touch on the course. Videos were very good and helpful ,I will use them often. Please do this again next year!

2018 Certification class forming now. Contact Lynn Guerin ( to receive updates.


"A Sweet - Sales Team Success Camp Experience"

18 members of The Bazooka Candy Brands national sales and management team came together June 7th in Jupiter Florida, to experience Team Success Camp.

The goals of the Team Camp were to develop, strengthen and inspire the sales team, and solidify a high quality, high performance team culture. The team worked through a series of 8- 50 minute classroom and on the basketball court modules and exercises.

The team reviewed results from their Team Success Assessment exercise.

Teachable points of view were developed on team trust and team pride.

The team learned and applied the five part John Wooden Coaching Model, including:

  • How you think
  • The example you set
  • How you teach
  • How you lead
  • Your ability and eagerness to mentor

15 core Pyramid of Success team behaviors were learned and applied to current opportunities to improve individual and team performance.

The team also reviewed, discussed and applied 10 core Elements of John Wooden coaching philosophy that are essential for team success.

The sessions were lead and coached by Wooden Course founder Lynn Guerin and former UCLA and NBA great Swen Nater.

Following their team camp experience, all participants submitted an evaluation of the sales team event. Here are those evaluation ratings, and their additional comments and recommendations on the team camp.

  • Quality of Camp and Course Content-95.7%
  • Quality of Course Faculty-97.1%
  • Quality of Course Materials-95.7%
  • Quality of Meeting Site-91.4%
  • Definitely Would Recommend-100%

Comments and recommendations included:

"This was definitely good information presented with passion and enthusiasm."

"The camp was very engaging with very useful content. It was one of the most enjoyable training sessions I have attended."

"All positive training leads to positive results"

"I believe the course stayed focused on our needs and made us all think. There were so many good elements for business and life."

"It was very interactive and relevant to everyone plus very energizing. Great course –Thank You!

"It gave us the realization that we can control our own path-this was real empowerment."

"I liked the combination of classroom and basketball court and focus on team. It was great application for personal and professional success development."

"This provided sound fundamentals and very good basic principles for life ,work and family relationships."

"I left wanting more".

"Positive self-reflection and team first practices should be more commonly taught. This was excellent."

Contact Lynn Guerin ( for information on creating your team success camp.

Anaheim Team Camp Success

Highly energetic and engaged participants from Wells Fargo, Arris Corp., JRC Industries, ES3, U.S.Navy, along with teachers and principals from Beaumont, Mission Viejo and Manhattan Beach came together to experience The John R Wooden Team Camp.

Coach Wooden's lessons on his Extraordinary Performance coaching model, Values and Character, the Pyramid of Success and team development principles were powerfully shared in workshop delivery and discussions. Fun, inspiration, and application of important content all came together on the basketball floor as campers were lead thru a simulated Wooden UCLA practice regimen.

Comments from attendees evaluations described their experience as follows:

  • "I learned excellent application of Coach Wooden's behavior, values and character traits It was so much more than I thought with The Pyramid of Success."
  • "The core message is so very positive. The Pyramid of Success is a goal of mine to reach. The class and lessons on the basketball floor all come together so well"
  • "This course was everything I thought and hoped it would be. Thank you for sharing your love, passion and enthusiasm for Coach Wooden and his lessons."
  • "This information is so fundamentally sound. I really appreciate you guys doing the class. It has really helped me."
  • "Very thorough, enthusiastic and inspiring!"
  • "A very good design for living."
  • "Great content intensified with basketball. It's a great mix."
  • "I would definitely recommend this experience. It is so inspirational"
  • "I would definitely recommend this to others. I am now so confident you can teach valuable lessons."
  • "The world needs more examples of good character. Loved the balance between class and active learning."
  • "I will recommend this to my colleagues and my team members."
  • "Thank you for a wonderful day!"

100% of attendees said they would definitely recommend the John R Wooden Team Camp to others.

Contact Lynn Guerin ( for information on upcomming John R. Wooden Course Team Camps.