Head Coach Course - Anaheim California


The American Sports Center in Anaheim, Ca. was the site of the most recent John R Wooden Course, "Head Coach" event. Professional coaches, teachers, social services leaders, financial executives and personal coaches, came together for 2 days of an inspiring, challenging, time to develop new insights and create new perspectives on coaching and being coached.

Wooden Course founder Lynn Guerin and Coach Craig Impelman, a Wooden Family member, guided the team members through a series of class forums and on the court experiential exercises. Coaching skills, success and behavior principles applicable to sports, business and life were the primary focus

Roles were reversed and the students became the coaches, practicing the Coach Wooden techniques and wisdom they had learned, and sharing their own techniques and creativity-which was impressive.

Coaches were highly engaged and enthusiastic as they worked through the powerful Wooden content which they deemed to be highly practical, immediately useful, and transformational.

These were the key lessons that the participants found so valuable:

  • Who the people were that first and most influenced Coach Wooden and the most important things he learned from them,
  • The 10 critical ideas that defined John Wooden's coaching fundamentals,
  • The 5 key elements of the Wooden Coaching Model,
  • How the quality of your thinking, the example you set and the quality of your preparation will ultimately determine the quality of your teaching,
  • The 9 best teaching techniques used by Coach Wooden,
  • John Wooden's definition of leadership and a leaders most important responsibilities,
  • Why having mentors and being a mentor in 4 ares of work and life is so essential.

One Hundred percent of the participants said they would definitely recommend the Head Coach 2 day course. Here are the other comments participants shared about their experience.

"Helps you improve your life every day by helping you recognize what we can do better. Great Insights help me create new perspective."

"I feel everyone needs this knowledge to fully coach a team"

"Very self -reflective based which is helpful .Lynn creates a very open environment that creates a safe place to share."

"Great Info-really good job of making it applicable to daily life" A perfect foundation-I now feel much more comfortable and confident to be a coach. Thank you

"The point of view of the course is amazing-How you can develop yourself to be better every day"

"A perfect foundation-I now feel much more comfortable and confident to be a coach. Thank you"

"This Course is Very applicable to all positions, careers and life itself. Thank you for your great planning and positivity"

"This is a well-developed course that teaches principles and beliefs of John Wooden and the instructors do an excellent job of incorporating real life stories from coach Wooden's life."

"This course has changed my way of thinking about life and coaching in a very positive way."

"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful Head Coach Course. It was an absolute pleasure meeting both of you. I just wanted to let you know that the impact that you two had on me was way more powerful than I would have even expected. Even though Coach Wooden wasn't physically with us in the room, the way both of you spoke about him and showed his love through yourselves, really made it feel like he was there. "

Northern California Leadership Team

Life Long Learners

Ten Members of a Northern California leadership and study group team, from the property building and management industry came together January 31st in San Jose California, for their annual two day retreat. The first day was spent with Lynn Guerin leading the group through the John R. Wooden Course Head Coach module which for the group was a continuation of their professional development journey through The Wooden Course - Coaching Success series. To date the team has completed:

  • Foundations and Fundamentals
  • The Pyramid of Success
  • Head Coach (in process)
  • Extraordinary Teams(to follow completion of the Head Coach Course)

The session began with a review of each person's Wooden Course Individual Success Assessment which produced a personal Pyramid of Success.

Lesson highlights from the Head Coach content tackles the overarching goal of becoming an effective Head Coach, first of you; then the opportunity and privilege to serve and lead others.

The team learned who the people were that most influenced Coach John Wooden in his early life, and the most important lessons they taught him.

The group worked with 10 core ideas that defined Coach Wooden's fundamentals.

They also reviewed, and discussed how to apply the 5 key elements of The Wooden Coaching Model:

  • How you think
  • The Example you set
  • How you teach
  • How you lead
  • Your ability and eagerness to mentor

The team meets every two weeks for a one hour Zoom Video call lead by Dan Johnson the CEO of DanCo, a highly successful builder and property management firm in Arcata California.

Remarkably most members of this inspiring group have been growing and learning together for over 15 years. Their commitment to lifelong learning and to each other stands as a very positive model for others in the business community. Coach Wooden would applaud that level of teamwork, team spirit, and "consideration for others."