Wooden Way Success Workshop (Onsite and Offsite)

The Wooden Way Success Workshop is a professional leadership development program for individuals, teams, schools, and corporations. It was created based on the values, principles, wisdom, life lessons of legendary UCLA basketball coach and teacher, John Robert Wooden; and on the exemplary behavior defined on Coach Wooden's famous Pyramid of Success. The John R. Wooden Course, along with Wooden inspired, diagnostic and sustainment tools, defines "The Wooden Way" - The Way of The Coach, as philosopher, leader, teacher, example and mentor. The Wooden Way Workshop can be delivered at your location or at an offsite location in your locality. The Wooden Way Workshop is available in two hour, half day, full day and two day timeframes and will be customized to meet your objectives. This Wooden Way Workshop will help you:


Establish a solid foundation of values and character - learn:

  • The crucial elements that shaped John Wooden's life and produced his remarkable success
  • The fundamental difference between character and reputation
  • Fundamental success behaviors that will define your organization's future


Improve your leadership and coaching success - learn:

  • The core composition of a true leader and why leadership is a sacred trust
  • The importance of building Love and Balance into every aspect of your life
  • The Pyramid of Success leadership model that Coach Wooden utilized to analyze and develop his players


Develop your team and achieve extraordinary performance - learn:

  • Simple and profound definitions of team, teamwork and team spirit that secure lasting results
  • Coach Wooden's strengths as a philosopher, a leader, and above all, a teacher
  • Why teams so often fail and how your organization's leadership can avoid those pitfalls


Ignite your team's success - turn:

  • Every individual activitiy into a personal achievement that directly benefits your business
  • Your company's average workday into a masterpiece of extraordinary performance
  • Your corporate environment into a dynamic team culture where everyone thrives on being their best


Read what the Long Beach president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) said about their most recent Wooden Course presentation


I wanted to thank you for the fantastic presentation. With over 100 people looking on, I can say that all were moved. At the event I received written notes from attendees, one of which that said "this was the best thing I have done." Your understanding and experience with Coach is without measure as he was a national treasure, you have become the keeper of this national treasure. There was not a dry eye in the crowd as you shared with all of us, the impact that we can make by living a great life filled with faith, integrity and character. Having personally met and seen Coach speak, I know that nobody could have provided such a wonderful presentation except maybe Coach himself. Thank you for being a part of NAIFA Long Beach, we appreciate how you and Coach have changed the lives of so many.

Peter Freska

President, NAIFA Long Beach

Read what one of America's most prominent coaches said about his recent experience with The John R. Wooden Course

To Whom It May Concern:

In the fall of 2011, Craig Impelman presented the John Wooden Course to my Sports Medicine 300 class at Pepperdine University. I was extremely pleased with Craig's presentation, and I highly recommend the John Wooden Course and Craig Impelman to all interscholastic and intercollegiate institutions.

I simply cannot say enough good things about Craig's working knowledge of the course content. Craig possesses a set of characteristics which make his material truly unique. He shares Coach Wooden's philosophies through anecdotes, role playing, videos, and case studies. In varying his teaching methods, Craig is able to reach a wide range of students. Inevitably, the one thing the students take away from the course is Craig's undying passion for the subject matter. I have worked in higher education for many years, and I have never met a person with more energy or passion than Craig Impelman.

The John Wooden Course would not be much without John Wooden himself. The video clips of Coach Wooden personify the type of person he was, and thoroughly demonstrate Coach Wooden's philosophies on teaching, coaching, leading, and life. In the course, the students examine Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success and Definition of Success, after which Craig teaches the students how to develop their own Definitions of Success. Additionally, Craig provided each individual in the class with a fabulous notebook filled with exercises to apply Coach Wooden's philosophies to everyday coaching and life.

I highly recommend the John Wooden Course because I have personally seen how much the students take away from the course. The students enjoy Craig's enthusiasm, and they greatly benefit from learning about the best coach of our time. A number of students have voluntarily shared their thoughts on the course, and I plan to make the John Wooden Course a permanent fixture in my class.

It was clear to everyone that Coach Wooden's philosophy went beyond winning and losing. His philosophy was about character and being the best you are capable of becoming.


Marv Dunphy

Pepperdine University, Head Men's Volleyball Coach

USA Men's Volleyball, 1988 Olympic Gold Medal Coach

Read about a recent John R. Wooden Course experience at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

Dear Mr. Guerin,

Thank you so much for participating in our teambuilding day event. Your presentation on Striving for Personal Excellence using principles from the Coach John Wooden Leadership Course was wonderful. Your speaking style, organized approach, use of timely humor and, personal demeanor were very well received by the audience. We were not an easy demographic to impress with ages ranging from 20-65, yet you managed to captivate and educate all of us.

In our post-event survey, 96% rated your presentation as very satisfying with a nearly equal number selecting your presentation as the highlight event of the entire day. Comments provided in the survey expressed great appreciation for your leadership teachings, especially the dual application to both professional and personal relationships. Other comments included references to your presentation as, "amazing, excellent, enjoyable, encouraging, outstanding, thought-provoking and, the most beneficial part of the day."

As the coordinator for this event, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and cannot thank you enough for helping me make the event a huge success. I have already recommended you to speak at a future event.


Jessica Black



Read about the John R. Wooden Course experience with one of America's most prominent private high schools

To Whom It May Concern:

This past school year, Orange Lutheran High School's leadership team, led by Principal Leslie Smith, sought ways to access and develop our faculty and staff's team vitality. To address this goal, the leadership team requested the assistance of Mr. Lynn Guerin and his John R. Wooden Course. As part of the course, Mr. Guerin administered a Team Vitality Assessment to measure the staff's perceptions of our team vitality. In Addition, Mr. Guerin developed a specific curriculum that both celebrated the strengths in our organization and addressed areas of growth the emerged throughout the process. This assessment and course provided our faculty and staff the opportunity to learn more about each other, and to come together as a team. In addition, the team was exposed to the inspirational messages and timeless truths shared by the late Coach John Wooden.

Mr. Guerins enthusiasm and passion for our faculty, staff, and school is clearly discernible through his service and teaching. Mr. Guerin was industrious in his efforts to provide a meaningful curriculum and experience for our faculty and staff. His special knowledge and personal experience with Coach John Wooden provided for a relevant and inspirational presentation.

The Orange Lutheran faculty and staff has benefited from our work with Lynn Guerin and the John Wooden Course. As one who has worked closely with Mr. Guerin, I would recommend Mr. Guerin to any institution or organization that seeks to measure and improve their productivity and maximize their potential.

Thank you,

Mr. Jack Preus

Director of Professional Learning