Lynn Guerin

Lynn is the president of Guerin Marketing Services and the creator of The John R. Wooden Course. Mr. Guerin excels as an executive coach, keynote speaker, facilitator/trainer, performance improvement, culture and team development expert. Mr. Guerin employs powerful diagnostic tools based on the Pyramid of Success for leadership and team development improvements.

Recent speaking & coaching engagements include:

  • Golden Comm - Newport Beach CA. - Monthly Team & Leadership Development Coaching
  • DanCo - Arcadia CA. - Executive Leadership Coaching & Team Assessment
  • Nestle Purina - Denver CO. - Two Day Leaders Team Camp
  • Probabilities Fund Financial - San Diego CA. - HBW Leaders Conference
  • Denise Louie Education Center - Seattle WA. - Team Development Conferences
  • John R. Wooden Head Coach Camp - Anaheim CA.

Speaking Topics/Key Notes
  • Conversations with America's Greatest Coach
  • Foundations for Coaching Team Success
  • The Trusted Leader
  • Purpose, Perspective and The Pyramid of Success

Travels From

  • Southern, California

Speaker's Fee Range

  • $5,000 - $9,500, plus travel expenses

Key Note Summary:

  1. Conversation with America's Greatest Coach
    Using powerful personal stories and unique video footage of interviews and conversations with Coach John Wooden, Lynn Guerin shares the experience of meeting and being personally coached and mentored by John Wooden. Coach Wooden will share answers to questions so many people would love to have personally asked him. Audiences will be moved by the grace, humor and wisdom of Coach Wooden. They will walk away feeling just as Lynn did on so many occasions, "being with John Wooden made you just want to be a better person".
  2. Foundations for Coaching True Success
    Key Note highlights the development of healthy habits that produce coaching excellence. A five part John R. Wooden model explains and demonstrates the critical roles Coach Wooden so successfully executed throughout his Hall of Fame career and remarkable life:
    • The Wisdom filled philosopher
    • The servant leader
    • The great teacher
    • The primary example
    • The able and eager mentor
  3. The Trusted Leader
    Key Note creativity shares the Five Core principles of iconic Coach and trusted leader John R. Wooden. Message helps audience understand and apply powerful ideas such as:
    • Winning is a by-product of greater purpose, fundamentals, quality process and maximum effort
    • Success will equal the quality of your primary relationships
    • How to keep all things in proper perspective
    • Why values are key and character is more important than reputation
    • How to model the behavior you want others to exhibit.
    Wooden's life long example shows how to handle the pressure to win and how to create a path of trust from board games to the board room.
  4. Purpose Perspective and the Pyramid of Success
    Audience shares in Coach John Wooden's remarkable story of the conception, design and development of the Pyramid of Success. How as a young teacher and coach, he coined his personal definition of success, and spent 14 years developing the structure that defined all the necessary behaviors for true personal and team success. Audience will enjoy true Wooden Wisdom sprinkled with Coach Wooden's favorite poetry and powerful maxims such as:
    • "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail"
    • "Do not mistake activity for achievement"
    • "Be more interested in finding the best way then in having your own way"
    • "Discipline yourself and others won't need to"
    • "Don't be so concerned with making a living you forget to make a life"


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