Enthusiasm brushes off on those with whom you come into contact.                    Enthusiasm takes work to a more productive level.                    Hard work without enthusiasm leads to tedium.                    Enthusiasm without industriousness leads to unrealized potential.                    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out.                    A leader generates enthusiasm for the effort ,the team and the process.                   

February is "ENTHUSIASM" Month


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A great head coach can make all the difference in the success of a team, an organization, a company and a family.

The John R. Wooden Course" Head Coach" development iniative, can help you become that difference maker.

This iniative is a 2 day life changing,experience, based on the wisdom, lessons and coaching model of legendary UCLA philosopher, author, teacher, leader, and coach John Robert Wooden.

In your journey of becoming a great "Head Coach" and Extraordinary Leader, here is what you will learn and be able to apply:

  • The most important lessons John Wooden learned from the people who most influenced him,
  • The 10 core ideas that were the foundation of his coaching philisophy,those things that were so important he spent his entire career refining and improving them.,
  • The 5 essential skills that comprise The Wooden Coaching Model :-His Coaching Fundamentals,
    • How you Think
    • The Example you Set
    • How you Teach
    • How you Lead
    • Your Ability and Eagerness to Mentor.
  • The 8 key components of strong character and the important distinction between character and reputation,
  • The 9 teaching techniques that made John Wooden the " master teacher", of both the game of basketball and the game of life,;
  • The Wooden definition of leadership, and 9 foundational capabilities a coach must have,
  • 9 responsibilities a coach must embrace and consistently execute to exhibit strong leadership,
  • The 4 Types of mentors you must have and must be to become a great head coach.

You will be engaged, inspired and have a ton of fun, as you experience the unique, experiential delivery methodology. The classroom and the basketball floor become your learning lab with individual learning challenges and team spirited exercises.

Enjoy all that The American Sports Center has to offer,in the heart of Anaheim Ca., as the home of the USA Men's and Women's Volleyball teams and a hub for the best club basketball in Southern California.

Your coaching staff were blessed, over many years, with a special relationship with Coach Wooden.Their mission is to share with you Coach Wooden's life changing wisdom, his powerful principles and perspectives on coaching, leadership and serving others.

Camp coaches will be:

  • Lynn Guerin: John R Wooden Course Founder - President - Executive Coach
  • Craig Impelman: John R Wooden Family Member - Wooden Wisdom Author, Former College Basketball, Coach and Business Executive
  • Swen Nater: Former UCLA Player and NBA great - Costco Executive

To fully support your learning experience during the Camp, and after you return home, you will recieve this complete package of tools:

  • 48 page full color Head Coach Success Guide and binder
  • 5-Pyramid of Success Laminates(8.5x 11 ,full color)
  • 5-Team Fundamentals Laminates(8.5X11, full color)
  • 5 sets Character Wallet Cards(3 per set)
  • JRWC Thumb drive Video files
  • Fat Head Pyramid of Success Wall display(36x36, full color, all-vinyl-adhesive back)
  • JRWC Coaching and Player shirts(2)
  • 52 week subscription Wooden Wisdom coaching newsletter
  • Breakfast and Lunch and Refreshments each day

"Head Coach" Camp Investment $ 995.00

Camp dates: February 28th - March 1st.

Enroll by February 21st with Promo Code HCC18 and save $150.00.

Schedule: Sessions are conducted 8am-4pm each day.

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For more information contact Lynn Guerin at lg@woodencourse.com

Or call 714 505-7500 office | 714 349-5966 cell


The John R. Wooden Course is a professional success development process and methodology designed for individuals, teams, corporations and schools. The course content is based on the values, principles, life lessons and wisdom of legendary UCLA basketball coach, teacher, author and philosopher, John Robert Wooden.

The foundational elements of The John R. Wooden Course are (15) core, ethical, exemplary, personal development qualities and (10) character building behaviors defined on Coach Wooden's renowned Pyramid of Success.

The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Success Series includes four core modules:

Course 1

Foundations and Fundamentals

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Course 2

Pyramid of Success

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Course 3

Head Coach

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Course 4

Extraordinary Teams

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Complete Set

Coaching Success Series

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The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Success Series can be experienced in three ways:

  • Self Study Course
  • Team Camp Experience
  • Coaching Success Workshop

These unique experiences are supported and sustained with powerful tools:

  • Team Success Assessment
  • Individual Success Assessment
  • Wooden's Wisdom - a five year e-coaching cirricula

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These learning experiences and tools create a development path for leaders, coaches, teachers, teams and individuals leading to strong character, robust team culture, higher performance, and true success.

We describe this path as The Wooden Way, The Way of a Great Coach:



Northern California Leadership Team

Life Long Learners

Ten Members of a Northern California leadership and study group team, from the property building and management industry came together January 31st in San Jose California, for their annual two day retreat. The first day was spent with Lynn Guerin leading the group through the John R. Wooden Course Head Coach module which for the group was a continuation of their professional development journey through The Wooden Course - Coaching Success series. To date the team has completed:

  • Foundations and Fundamentals
  • The Pyramid of Success
  • Head Coach (in process)
  • Extraordinary Teams(to follow completion of the Head Coach Course)

The session began with a review of each person's Wooden Course Individual Success Assessment which produced a personal Pyramid of Success.

Lesson highlights from the Head Coach content tackles the overarching goal of becoming an effective Head Coach, first of you; then the opportunity and privilege to serve and lead others.

The team learned who the people were that most influenced Coach John Wooden in his early life, and the most important lessons they taught him.

The group worked with 10 core ideas that defined Coach Wooden's fundamentals.

They also reviewed, and discussed how to apply the 5 key elements of The Wooden Coaching Model:

  • How you think
  • The Example you set
  • How you teach
  • How you lead
  • Your ability and eagerness to mentor

The team meets every two weeks for a one hour Zoom Video call lead by Dan Johnson the CEO of DanCo, a highly successful builder and property management firm in Arcata California.

Remarkably most members of this inspiring group have been growing and learning together for over 15 years. Their commitment to lifelong learning and to each other stands as a very positive model for others in the business community. Coach Wooden would applaud that level of teamwork, team spirit, and "consideration for others."