2018 John R. Wooden Course Certification

A very professional, enthusiastic, and highly competent team including athletic directors, real estate and financial industry executives, high school head coaches ,and executive coaches recently completed an inspiring 5-day John R. Wooden Course Certification experience at The American Sports Center in Anaheim California. The most recently certified Wooden Course coaches are:

  • Rob Weitz - Athletic Director - St. Mary's Schools - Raleigh North Carolina
  • Dan Barrile - Real Estate Executive Coach - Ft Myers Florida
  • Colleen Moquin - Head Coach - Palmyra - Macedon School - Palmyra N.Y.
  • Dan Harris - Head Coach - Palmyra - Macedon School - Palmyra N.Y.
  • Jennifer Hick Sim - Financial Services, Executive Coach - Bristol Conn.
  • Simon Peter O'Hanlon - Financial Services, Life Skills Coach - Denver Colo.
  • Dan Saatzer - Academy Teacher/Coach - Temecula Ca
  • Jake Fey - Athletic Director/Coach - Temecula Ca.

The team participated in a highly interactive, engaged and experiential teaching and coaching process, focused on learning and being able to teach and coach The John R Wooden Coaching Success series. Core Modules for this series included:

  • Foundations and Fundamentals - the core values-life shaping elements and the foundational principles that provide strength of character, wisdom and guidance for a lifetime of achievement.
  • The Pyramid of Success - a definition of "true success", how and why Coach Wooden developed his success blueprint for teams and individuals, the 25 behaviors that comprise the Pyramid of Success, and how to use and apply the Pyramid of Success with your work, your team, your family and with your own day to day behavior.
  • Head Coach - who first influenced John Wooden and how their influence shaped him as a coach; the core ideas that defined Wooden's coaching fundamentals; the five key elements of the Wooden Coaching Model; how Coach Wooden defined and practiced leadership; why having four types of mentors and being a mentor is vital to being a great coach.
  • Extraordinary Teams - the methodology Coach Wooden used to develop successful teams; four fundamental definitions essential for team development; a six step process and six fundamental commitments that drive team work and team spirit. Understand which three rules and seven guidelines framed daily expectations and guided praise and discipline; what ten critical elements are essential for a strong team culture. Wooden Course founder Lynn Guerin and Coach Craig Impelman, former college coach, executive and a Wooden family member, guided the team members through a series of class forums, on the court experiential exercises, and skill development exercises and teaching and coaching practice. Each team member also identified follow-up actions and plans for their schools, businesses and teams.

Participants in the class also contributed daily evaluations of course content, delivery, teaching methodology, media, materials, and camp supports.

Here is a daily summary of participant observations, recommendations and evaluations.

  • Day 1 - Foundations
    • "Great content and a deep dive."
    • "Timeless principles that apply to every generation."
    • "Very well delivered, a great mix of interaction and instruction."
    • "Each person here will find a true path to follow."
    • "It is amazing to hear the stories of Coach Wooden brought to life through Lynn & Craig. This experience gives you a real connection to the Wooden Way."

  • Day 2 - The Pyramid of Success
    • "Love the way you all did the implementation of the Pyramid, having class members prepare and teach the blocks."
    • "The interaction & work the class was able to engage in was a great teaching model, and made the class even better."
    • "The Pyramid is the ideal model to teach for success, anyone, any age, any profession."
    • "Outstanding detail, amazing stories, dynamic, fun, enthusiastic, coaching and teaching."

  • Day 3 - Team Camp
    • "Best day of the 3 with active teamwork and finishing the layers of the Pyramid of Success."
    • "Loved the combination of court time and class time. We should do some court time each day."
    • "This was my favorite day so far, loved the energy from the court experience."
    • "Loved the laminated pyramids and character cards especially for the teachers and coaches I will be working with."

  • Day 4 - Head Coach
    • "The head coach model is a great foundation for all coaches to have in their tool box. Sequential, detailed and powerfully logical."
    • "Lynn and Craig's personal experience with Coach Wooden and their personal life applications, really brought Coach Wooden alive and into the classroom."
    • "Outstanding course with highly practical and immediately useful applications, fostering cooperation has really come alive for me."

  • Day 5 - Extraordinary Teams
    • "Learned so much from the course and other classmates. Felt I was really able to participate and contribute."
    • "Amazing small group experience with very enthusiastic teachers-wonderful coaching. Enjoyed the team camp and met great people."
    • "What can I say, this was a great growth experience. The secret to my success will be in my follow through."
    • "Lynn & Craig share their knowledge and experience with joy and conviction. They really bring Coach Wooden's life's work to life, throughout the course-awesome!"
    • "What a deep dive into life well lived, and the powerful impact you can have on the life of others."
    • "We must keep Coach Wooden's legacy and life lessons alive for all future generations".

100% of the participants said they would definitely recommend the John R. Wooden Certification experience.

2017 John R. Wooden Course Certification

Meet the 2017 class of certified coaches, trainers and teachers for the John R. Wooden Course.

Glenn Collins - Business owner - senior executive coach - Rochester Grizzlies Hockey - Fairport New York.

Mark Hecht - Business owner, Coaching Horizons - Sr. Executive leadership coach - international performance improvement consultant and trainer - Jonesborough Tennessee

Kelly Collins - Teacher - coach girl's ice and field hockey - accomplished athlete and family business manager - Fairport New York.

Larry Lewis - Vice President Barclay College - Basketball coach - athletic director - mentor and teacher - Haviland Kansas

Farlur Hardarson - H.R executive for retail grocery company - basketball coach - division 1 basketball starter - Finland professional league and member Iceland national basketball team - Keflavik Iceland

John T. Scully - Real Estate investment counseling and wealth management advisor - football and lacrosse coach - leadership speaker and consultant - Vienna Virginia.

These six highly qualified, and vastly competent professionals gathered in Temecula, California, June 12-16 to complete the John R. Wooden Certified Coaching Course.

Five full days of intensive curriculum study, individual presentations, discussions, Q& A, team exercises and testing provided a personal, in-depth journey into the life lessons, principles, values , and coaching wisdom of John Wooden.

Four Coaching Success modules, supported with inspiring and powerful Coach Wooden video footage, provided the content that was taught. These modules included:

  • Foundations and Fundamentals - The values and character course that defines the pure inner core of Wooden's principled approach to life and coaching.
  • The Pyramid of Success - Personal and team behavior that guides and produces true success for individuals and families, for teams and organizations.
  • Head Coach - The five part model that produced coaching greatness from Wooden's earliest influences thru seven decades of excellence as a philosopher, role model, teacher , leader and mentor.
  • Extraordinary Teams - The methodology used by John Wooden to develop great teams and team mates, critical elements needed for a strong team culture, and fundamental commitments that drive team work and team spirit.

Classroom workshops and a full day Team Camp utilizing the basketball floor, led by Wooden Course founder Lynn Guerin and Wooden family member and coach Craig Impelman brought the lessons to life with fun, high energy and an infectious team spirit. Participants came to learn how to coach and build strong teams and in the process became one.

Daily debriefs, reviews , evaluation and recommendations were an important part of each day. Here is what participants had to say:

JRWC Certification Course

Evaluation Summary (23 evaluations)

  • Quality of Course Content - 97.3%
  • Quality of Course Faculty - 93.9%
  • Quality of Course Materials - 98.2%
  • Quality of Meeting Site-Meals, Breaks - 93.9%
  • I Would Definitely Recommend - 100%
  • Course Participant Comments: Why or Why Not?

Day 1

This course gives me a new outlook on everything I do. It gives me a spark for teaching and coaching.
This is so badly needed today. Small group is nice for personalized help.
Still looking for the best place to use this great content
The content, materials and presentation is superb.

Additional comments and recommendations:

I really liked the Foundations and Fundamentals, it provided in depth knowledge of Wooden's thoughts, and the background for his Pyramid of Success.
After Day 1 ,really looking forward to what's ahead.
As week continues I would like to know more about logistics of setting up workshops and ordering materials. Do we take material as is or can we customize?
So far so good, Small groups are more personalized. I like that.
I hope we get more time to present different topics. Everything is great.

Day 2

Went well-,need some advice on how to implement these things -like Kelly's hands on things she is doing with her girls' team.
The content, materials and presentations are superb.
Spread the word on good habits and positive thinking.

Additional comments and recommendations:

These are Very good materials and presentations on The Pyramid of Success.
I am enjoying presenting the content and hearing other presentations. Thank You!
I am really enjoying the content and am very excited to use it.
I am always looking for the best ways to present this material, questions to ask, games to play, making up poems-very creative

Day 3-Team Camp

Great team camp-The Pyramid of Success module is terrific.
Camp is a good idea-maybe a better way to tie activity into camp overview. More discussion neede of overall camp plans and how Wooden Course ties in.
This was very inspiring.
Today brought a wealth of motivation

Additional comments and recommendations:

There was a great balance between court and classroom. I really enjoy the presentations from team members.
The more interactive the lessons are the better. Thank You!
I really enjoyed being on the court.
At times the stories took too much time.
There is a good unity among the people attending The Wooden Course.
The Team Camp was very interesting. The details in the practices were great. It was fun to get to practice under John Wooden.

Day 4

The Head Coach Module is out of this world.
Today was very interactive and teachable.
The best course content was today -Head Coach-day 4
Continue the presentation opportunity-it works
When you think that this can't better, Lynn Guerin and Coach Impelman pull this out of the hat. Day 4 was great.

Day 5

This experience was a great personal journey.
Good way to bring teams together and set a tone for the way the way teachers and coaches could and should run their teams. This course gives great direction.
Thorough, well organized material, superb personable presentations.
Extraordinary Teams module is a great stand-alone module with in-depth knowledge of The Pyramid of Success with great detail and emphasis on team work and team development.
Base is there for awesome opportunity. Need to put together a plan to get it out to my market. I am looking forward to the challenge.

Additional comments and recommendations:

Please be sure to send Craig's Pyramid questionnaire with quotes. They will be very useful. Great Job! You made a huge effort and put in a lot of work that is greatly appreciated.
You gave us so much great material. I am really looking forward to using it. The amount of content and tools you gave us is very much appreciated.
All 4 modules are excellent as standalone modules and courses. I need to determine my audience and match the appropriate content and course. You shared with us a brilliant combination of written and visual material, great mix of presentations, exercises and personal insights from your John Wooden experience.
This experience was so personal and should be that way by keeping a maximum number for the class at 15-20. The stories make the event very special and memorable. Making presentations and hearing others was very helpful. I am enjoying the personal touch on the course. Videos were very good and helpful ,I will use them often. Please do this again next year!