Team Success Assessment


UCLA coach and teacher, John R. Wooden, developed an assessment for corporations and organizations to analyze the performance of their teams. The Wooden Course Team Success Assessment is a 100-question online survey designed on the 25 core success behaviors defined in the legendary Pyramid of Success. You’ll be able to gain real insight into your team’s performance and behavior with data displayed in four dimensions;

  • How team members assess their own performance
  • How they see the performance and behavior of their teammates and peers
  • How they view the quality, character and integrity of the organization
  • How they perceive and evaluate the quality, consistency and performance of leadership

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The Pyramid of Success


“Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

-John R. Wooden

What is the Pyramid of Success?

Retired coach and English teacher, John R. Wooden, spent 14 years identifying 25 behaviors necessary to achieve his definition of success. He finished developing his Pyramid of Success in 1948, which has remained reliable and unchanged for nearly 70 years now. What started as something he used to help teach and guide his students and players has become a proven method for many others to reach success.

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How to Help Your Team Achieve More

Corporate team doing basketball team building exercises

From Slump to Success

If you’re looking for that boost to help your team of employees better succeed and reach higher, The John R. Wooden Course is exactly what you need. Using the teaching methods of John R. Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach, we help your team recognize their potential and achieve success.

The Wooden Course

Our John R. Wooden Course is based on 15 core development qualities and 10-character building behaviors derived from the Pyramid of Success. Using self-assessment methods based on core values and development qualities, we can help your employees achieve and sustain full potential through our team camps. Visit to begin strengthening your team and to contact us today.